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Robot-Assisted stroke rehabilitation therapy

The breakthrough discovery that the brain is not hardwired but rather plastic, supports the approach of relearning movements and not just compensatory strategies, further pushing the development of robots to support rehabilitation therapy.

Robot assisted stroke rehab therapy
New innovations in virtual reality to transform brain injury rehabilitation

New innovations in virtual reality to transform brain injury rehabilitation

Bringing together neuroscience, AI and gaming to assess and treat spatial attention following brain injury.

Hearoes and Hopkins Centre unite to win “Early innovation award”.

Imagine the happiness, excitement and freedom of being able to hear sounds around you for the first time!

Hearoes and Hopkins centre
Innovations in VR to transform brain injury rehab

Lindsay Nott: Enhancing my life through technology

Lindsay Nott, HabITec Ambassador and author of the blog-based platform MyC5Life talks technology and how it has made a positive impact on his life, helping him to become more independent.

Eyegaze technology: 
An overview

Eyegaze or eye tracking technology allows the user to control their computer, mobile or tablet device simply by moving their eyes – this can be life changing for people who have limited or no function in their arms or legs, or even with full body paralysis, such as locked in syndrome.

Hearoes and Hopkins centre

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